1. A Still, Quiet Crane

Thank you for listening! I hope this song helped you to sink deeper into the present moment. You can download it here: https://kathrynmerriammusic.bandcamp.com/releases


A still, quiet crane
poised by the lotus
on a flawless emerald plate;
it waits, and waits.

So, what is thought,
but a chance to slow down the time?
To keep it from slipping between fingertips
and holes in our hands.

You are the sun in the morning,
lighting the waves.
Fly by my garden on your way.

For what are we but bodies?

So, what is chance,
but the aligning of time?
The dots intersect
and can fade when regrets
fall into our pride.

We laid in sacred places;
breathed the calmest seas;
we grew branches on each others' trees.

For what are we but bodies?

Track credits:

Kathryn Merriam: guitar, piano, voice, harp
Sean Steele: bass, electric guitar
Jill Stella Richards: trombone
Tim Sullivan: shruti box

Written, produced, engineered and mixed by Kathryn Merriam